GEO - Green Engineering Organization Student Group

The Green Engineering Organization is a club on campus dedicated to increasing environmental awareness and conscientious leadership among the students, staff and faculty of Kettering University, while implementing environmentally friendly practices on the campus and its surrounding area.

The students meet regularly and have:

  • Initiated and maintained a paper recycling program across campus, including the Library and Printing Services, accounting for an estimated 100 cubic yards annually.
  • Received a grant from the National Recycling Coalition and the Coca-Cola Company for beverage container recycling bins.  This program recycles more than 175 containers per month.
  • Hosted guest speakers from industry to speak to the campus community on environmental and conservation issues.
  • Planted flowers around campus in cooperation with other Flint initiatives.
Faculty Advisor:  Prof. Jennifer Aurandt
Substitute Faculty Advisor:  Montserrat Rabago-Smith
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